Welcome to the World

On Sunday 8th January, we had a new addition to our family. Elle gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and we’ve named him Zack.


For our first time, the labour period was shorter than I anticipated. We were admitted to the labour ward at roughly 11.50pm and Zack was born at 7.20am.

The final stage was the longest, and saw Elle pushing for almost two hours. I was with her every step of the way… gripping her hand, giving her encouragement, and even assisting the midwife. I won’t go into any grisly details but Elle worked harder than I’ve ever seen anyone work in those final two hours. I’ve never been more proud of her.


Due to contractions on the night before, we’d both been up for almost a day and night before we went to hospital on Sunday. So naturally, once the baby was here we were both exhausted. Fortunately, the delivery room was spacious and comfortable. Elle no longer wanted the bed after it had been cleaned up so I crashed on it to gather what rest I could.


We were given plenty of time to rest up and recover before being moved up to the maternity ward, where we spent the night. This was naturally kept quite warm for the sake of the babies in the bay. Nevertheless, neither of us got much sleep that night either.


We had many visitors during the day from our respective families. Truth be told, it was a little overwhelming. With all the visits overlapping, it was 9.40pm before I could head outside to get dinner for myself. It was an exhausting few days. But the important thing is that Elle’s meals were taken care of by the hospital – she did the hard work, after all. Plus, eating late and losing sleep are surely part of my new job description as a parent.


Now we’re back at home, I’m seeing better than ever just how time consuming it is to care for a baby. Before I realise it, it can be 2.40pm in the afternoon and I’ve eaten nothing but one bourbon biscuit and a cup of tea. Fortunately, I’m on paternity leave for a while because I want to be equally involved in caring for Zack. I’m already considering how to manage my time when I return to work.


Laura is the first of our neighbours to officially meet the newest resident on the block. She knew we’d be run off our feet, so she was considerate enough to cook us dinner and drop it off, saving us some cooking/washing up chores. As always, its awesome to have such great neighbours! It was even suggested at ante-natal classes that asking visitors to help out with a chore was a great way of balancing baby care with receiving visitors.


Naturally, another wave of visits is currently being planned in the near future by family members and relatives. I’m certain Elle and I will both be exhausted by the end of them all. But of course… that’s part of being a parent 🙂

And so it begins!


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