Baby on Board


It has been over a week since Zack was born and I feel pretty much how I expected… happy, more educated, and utterly exhausted.

Elle and I have been spending our days feeding and changing nappies. Sometimes we take turns to get up at night. Other times, we get up together. Either way, we handle it as a team.


Zack is something of a night owl and likes to get most of his sleep during the day, but I’ve read that this is very common with newborns. He also doesn’t like going to sleep unless he’s in our arms. Apparently, this is also quite common.


Elle and I are equal partners in taking care of him. She says I’m an expert at changing nappies 🙂 I’ve also been initiated into the club of parenting by having my son spray urine on me during nappy changes (multiple times!)

Its now that I truly appreciate the value of baby changing rooms when out in public.


The changing facilities in Mothercare are particularly great, as you get a lot of privacy and pretty much everything you need… including a comfy chair if you want to breastfeed in peace.

We’ve taken Zack for a couple of walks around the area and also a couple of drives in the car.


As with a lot of babies, driving seems to soothe him into a restful sleep. I can only assume its the combination of motion and a background humming sound. The walks have also been pleasant thanks to the great suspension on our buggy, which is called a City Jogger Mini.


I’ve been reading a lot of personal blogs about parenting recently (have a look under the Baby tag), which has been very useful and insightful to me. I enjoy seeing how other new parents are coping with their new responsibilities. One very common piece of advice is to treat yourself when you can, no matter how briefly or simply. In my case, that would mean beer or gaming 🙂


Alas, playing games is not the easiest thing to do when you have a baby who only likes to go to sleep in your arms 😛


Its not a big deal, though. I’m a little worried about over-stimulation so I don’t want video games to be in view or earshot of Zack until he’s much older. I imagine this will be a bigger issue in the future with phones and tablets.

For now, I’m happy to simply read and sing to him. He doesn’t understand books, of course. But I still love reading to him. His first story is an old classic and favourite of mine.


That’s all for now. Thanks for reading, folks! Hope all is going well with you all 🙂

8 thoughts on “Baby on Board

  1. Zack is adorable. I think I’ve said that before, but it’s true! Congrats to you and Elle again. 😀 The Hungry Caterpillar book takes me way back. I remember my teacher read that to me in primary school.

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