The Shortest January

As the end of January approaches, I find myself wondering where the time has gone. For as long as I can remember, January has been the longest month (in terms of perception). The next paycheque is an extra week or two away, Christmas has gone, and the cold weather has usually settled in.


However, this year has been different. This is the third week I’m spending at home with Elle to take care of our newborn baby, Zack. As such, my usual routine of work and commuting has been replaced by late nights, early mornings, and days spent at home. January has suddenly become the shortest month I can remember in ages.

Honestly, it has been brilliant to spend this much time at home. Although it has been hard work getting used to lack of sleep and extra responsibility, this is work that feels worthwhile. Caring for my family feels much more significant than any other job I’ve held in my life. These three weeks are best described as a working holiday… Busy but rewarding.


So what are the cons? Well, daytime TV sucks. The plethora of lifestyle shows about gardening/cooking are challenged only by chat shows aimed specifically at the lowest common denominator (I’m sure you know the type of shows I mean… they often involve members of family cheating on each other and then arguing with each other on stage).

Meanwhile, the news channels are dominated by local crimes, a government still fumbling to plan a Brexit they didn’t expect to initiate, and Donald Trump planning legislation for his utterly backwards approach to human society.

Fortunately, the permanent syndication of Friends and Frasier is a tried-and-trusted elixir to the pains of the cold hard world.


Another elixir is enjoying the many ‘firsts’ with Zack. He literally just had his first bath. I’ve also tried him in a newborn baby carrier for the first time, which could prove to be a massive help when we need both hands. I got so happy at how calming it was for him, I had a little smug dance about it 😛


The parenting journey continues…

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