Year of the Rooster!

Hello, readers! This is just a short post today to celebrate Chinese New Year 🙂

Elle and I are staying in tonight with a Chinese set meal for two from Sainsbury’s.


Tonight also marks Elle’s first alcoholic drink in roughly 10 months! She stopped drinking when we learned we were expecting, and now that Zack has arrived, she’s continued to abstain as she’s breast-feeding a lot.

So after his next feed is complete, she’s allowing herself a small glass of Champagne as a reward for her hard work during Zack’s delivery… a reward that is absolutely hard-earned and well deserved.


This is a special choice of Champagne for us, as its the same one we drunk on our wedding day. I still recall how it felt to drink it in the back of the car, as we travelled as newlyweds from our ceremony to the reception venue.

So its another quiet evening in for us, looking after our little one and being grateful for one another. Happy new year, everyone!

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