Sleepwalking Naked

I woke up last night to the feeling of Elle’s hand on my shoulder. As I slowly woke from my slumber, she told me I was naked. I suddenly became aware of a slight chill in the air and the feel of the duvet on my bare skin.

It had happened again. I had slept walked.


This is something that happens to me at irregular times in my life. In the past, I’ve attributed it to either being hot or being stressed out. This time, I can safely assume its the latter because returning to work after my paternity leave has been a bit difficult for me (and there’s no way I could have felt hot with the recent cold weather).

I lay there in the darkness for a few moments, waiting for my senses to properly kick in. I felt groggier than when I normally wake up and I had a dull headache. Eventually I looked at Elle’s face, a warm and comforting sight in the gloom of the dark bedroom. I couldn’t think of anything to say other than…

“I’m sorry.”

“Its okay. Its because you’re stressed about work.”

“Yeah. Must be.”

“It was weird. You opened the cupboard and then stood around in the kitchen.”

My hazy thoughts quickly turned to safety. “Are you okay? Where’s Zack?”

“He’s fine. He’s sleeping on the couch.”

“And you?”

“I’m fine. It was just weird seeing you.”

This was the first time Elle was already awake before I went sleepwalking. Usually she sees/hears me get up from bed, or doesn’t notice until we find evidence the next morning.


But this time she was already up to feed Zack while watching Grey’s Anatomy (as feeding him usually takes a long time). It was sometime after 2am when I walked in on them. I wonder if there’s any relevance to me opening the kitchen cupboard she indicated (which is typically where we keep cooking staples, sauces, cereal and snacks).

Perhaps its a sign that I snack too much when I’m stressed. Certainly I’ve been guilty of that in the past. Maybe February is the month for me to finally re-ignite my exercise/healthy eating phase. After all, I am a fan of that old cliche healthy body, healthy mind.

Time to get the running shoes out of hibernation…


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