Late Night Parenting

This is one of my many favourite quotes from How I Met Your Mother.
I’ve been spending many nights awake after 2am lately, as has Elle. And what’s been happening after 2am? Typically dirty nappies, dodging wayward urine streams, and an overwhelming urge to reassure a crying baby that everything is okay.

Zack is something of a night owl. He doesn’t let Elle and I get much sleep –ย but we continue to care for him as a unified team. Lack of sleep is just part of the job description.

The late nights/early mornings are taking a toll on us, as with all parents, but we’re still very happy to be a family. Trying to take naps here and there helps, as does some cleaning help and kind words of support from family, friends and neighbours. As for interrupted sleep patterns, I’m going to start wearing my MisFit during the nights again.


This is a fitness tracker I wear during the day to count steps while I’m walkingย (and in the past… running). It can track how much restful sleep and light sleep you get each night, which could be pretty useful right now. I’m also curious because I want a way to monitor any sleepwalkingย I do, beyond what Elle can tell me the next day.

Finally, to help keep myself entertained during the long quiet nights while I’m feeding Zack, I’m using the Nintendo app MiiTomo. I’ve actually become a little obsessed with it ๐Ÿ˜›

This is a social app based on the Miis used in various Nintendo games. Its a lot of fun and can fortunately be used with one hand… which is very useful when you have a little baby nestled in your other arm.

Catching a train home from work

Chilling out with Elle

Playing with Zack

If you have the MiiTomo app, let me know know in the comments so we can add each other. Otherwise, I hope you’re all getting a good night’s sleep! Unless you’re a parent, of course. In which case… hello! I’m a new member of The Sleepless Club ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for reading, folks!

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