A Quiet Valentine’s Evening

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

I hope you’ve had a great day… whether you’re in a relationship or not 🙂 Elle and I usually celebrate Valentine’s Day in style but having a baby obviously changes things quite a bit. So instead of going out, we’ve made an occasion of the day from the comfort of our own home.

When I went to work this morning, I left Elle with the impression that I hadn’t gotten her a card yet but that I would get one on the way home. That left her with the pleasant surprise of getting up after I’d left and seeing this on the dining table 🙂

I love surprising Elle with a gift whenever I can. Because honestly… how great does it feel to get a surprise gift? 😀

When I got home from work, we put on some music and dined on the M&S Valentine’s Dine-In offer. This is a delicious make-your-own meal with dessert and Prosecco for two for £20. The starter was Coquille St Jacques, consisting of scallops in white sauce with potato mash and a cheddar cheese crumb.

The main was a rump steak with potato rosti. I don’t actually like steak, but I selected it because none of the main dishes on offer grabbed my fancy. So I chose something I knew Elle would love.

Dessert was salted caramel profiteroles. It’s hard to go wrong with profiteroles!

All of it was washed down with an easy-drinking Prosecco and a box of chocolates. Zack naturally joined us with his usual gourmet three-course meal of milk, milk and milk 😛

It’s been a lovely quiet evening. Where ever you are, whatever you did, I hope you’ve all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day too 🙂

Thanks for reading, folks!


5 thoughts on “A Quiet Valentine’s Evening

      1. Like you I went for the steak.. We had the garlic mushrooms to start (hubby’s favourite) and the profiteroles for desert (although I can’t eat them but I did taste just one.. couldn’t resist!)..

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