Warming Up February

February spins on.

This is usually the height of the cold season here in London, but this year has been mercifully mild compared to previous years. Nevertheless, this is definitely a time of year for warm cosy evenings indoors. And that includes the following…

Hearty Oven-Baked Meals

I love putting together pasta bakes, as anything can go in them. I’m fond of chopping up Quorn hot dogs myself. The combination of tomato and cheese is also very comforting – which I guess is something that makes pizza so likable 🙂

Red Wine

There’s something about chilly weather that makes red wine appealing to me. Maybe its because red wine isn’t chilled. In any case, I just discovered this Shiraz and its great! I’d recommend it especially with pizza or pasta.

Hot Baths

As a treat for Elle, I picked up some bath items from Lush recently. For Valentine’s Day I got her a bubble bar and a bath bomb, plus a bath melt for generally being a great mum for Zack 🙂

The melt is the only thing we’ve used so far, which is called Melting Marshmallow Moment.

Its called a melt because that’s exactly what it does in the water. Rather than effervesce like Lush’s bath bombs, this one slowly melts oil into the water, leaving your skin moisturised and scented.

I have to admit, baths have grown on me more and more since I started living with Elle. I never really liked red wine either, for that matter. But over the last few years, my tastes have slowly expanded and now I could happily take either on a chilly winter night (or both!)

What tips do you have for a cosy hygge winter? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading, folks 🙂


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