Okay Doris, Let’s Dance 

Storm Doris is currently battering the UK. If you live elsewhere in the world, don’t be fooled by the cute British ring of her name… Doris is a a bit of a monster.

I worked from home today so I was fortunate enough to escape the train delays that have been caused by the strong winds. After I finished my work for the day, I took the recycling out and was hit by the wind as soon as I stepped out the front door.

That’s when I knew… I had to run.

I haven’t actually run since I cancelled my gym membership in October last year (to save money for my baby). Since then, I’ve been procrastinating over hitting the streets again, which is how I first started running. And the trouble with procrastination is that there’s always a good reason to put something off.

The streets are too crowded.

It’s Christmas.

It’s freezing outside.

The last reason has been the most frequent excuse I’ve been telling myself. That’s why the storm was finally the push I needed to get back out there. I just suddenly got a feeling that if I could run in that awful weather, I could run in anything.

So for the first time in five months, I donned my running shoes and headed out.


Predictably, the wind hit me pretty fiercely from different directions. I let my feet take me down a couple of random streets to try and keep it at my back, but then it hit me from the sides. This may sound silly, but it felt like the storm was taunting me… challenging me to stop. That only encouraged me to keep going. Kind of like a f*** you, I’m doing this.


It was just a short run today so I could get my body used to it again. It left my lungs burning and my leg muscles protesting, which is a clear indicator that I’ve procrastinated for too long. Nevertheless, I plan to build up my strength and stamina and get back to where I was last year. This is only the start.

That’s a promise, Doris.


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