Pancakes and Promises 

This time last year, I gave up chocolate for 40 days. You wouldn’t think that would be hard, but it proved to be far more difficult than I realised. Elle still likes to remind me that at one point I was on the floor writhing around saying how badly I wanted some chocolate 😛

So why on Earth would I give it up again? Because clearly my greed has gotten used to refined sugar chocolatey products. Chocolate bars, biscuits, cakes… you name it and I’ll eat it.

So here we go again! Starting at midnight tonight, I am going to be a chocolate-free zone. I don’t know if I’ll make it again, but I’ve promised myself to try. As a last hurrah, I enjoyed some pancakes with Nutella… because its Pancake Day of course 😀

My pancake skills clearly need some work as they were a bit broken. I’ve also been enjoying this delicious dark chocolate red wine from Sainsbury’s.

Its not too sweet and its perfect for chilly evenings or even if you just want a treat. Its £6 so not too extravagant either.

I’m also keeping up the momentum now I finally got back to running. Today I redeemed a free trial for Anytime Fitness, a chain of low-cost gyms. 

It was fun and I had a good workout. Alas, the low cost was sadly not that low compared to my last gym, which was far superior. So it looks like its back to running in the streets for now. Next I plan to try out The Gym as I already know that’s cheaper than Anytime Fitness and doesn’t require a year-long commitment.

I hope you’ve all had a great pancake day. Thanks for reading, folks 🙂 

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