Tomorrow Has Arrived 

“Beautiful beat, get me out of this mess.

Beautiful beat, lift me up from distress.”

Beautiful Beat – Nada Surf

I discovered this song on an episode of How I Met Your Mother. Despite the show’s title, one of the central themes of HIMYM is how adults cope with growing up and moving on with their lives.

The main characters experience this in terms of figuring out what kind of work matters to them, committing to a relationship, and ultimately having children to pass on advice, knowledge, and the basic human gift of living.

This song features in an episode where Ted and Barney celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a nightclub. They ditch their dates in order to gain entry, get drunk by exploiting another man’s tab, and hook up with a woman who’s married. They do this based on one simple idea…

Live like there’s no tomorrow.

Ted wakes up the next morning in a chirpy mood and feels like he had an awesome night partying. Then his best friend Marshall recounts the real version of last night’s party, as opposed to the version the audience saw from Ted’s perspective.

That’s when Ted realises his entire reality had been crooked. He had seen things askew and acted poorly because of it… leaving himself with a black eye and no mobile phone the next day. To top it all off, it starts to rain heavily.

But the episode ends on a positive note…

Tomorrow had arrived.

Stories like these make me love HIMYM because I often think about where I am in life. Of course, when we’re young we want to party away like there’s no tomorrow. To live free and hit pubs and clubs and the rest of it.

And that can be a great way of life… for a time. But life can’t be a song and dance forever. Tomorrow always arrives. The question is… do we want to arrive with it? Or do we want to remain in a type of stasis, always afraid to move on?

The final episode of HIMYM is when I turned around on the couch, looked at my gerbils in the cage behind me, and decided I was ready to be a father.
Life moves forward. Society moves forward. People move forward. It can be a little scary at times, but it’s the right thing to do. And I believe it’s something to celebrate, not fear.

My thanks go out to the writers of HIMYM for creating this wonderful program. And thank you all for reading, folks.


7 thoughts on “Tomorrow Has Arrived 

  1. I know the episode and the song too. They really have great music in the show.
    Himym is my boyfriend’s favourite show and i watched it recently up to season 8. I can’t wait to finish it! I really really like this show! It has so many life lessons and deep thoughts.
    I’m glad it made you move on with your life and go on to another beautiful stage…parenting.
    Great post!


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