Turtle Bay – Our Baby’s First Restaurant

Hello bloggers! Yesterday was our baby Zack’s 12-week birthday 🙂

As the sun was out, Elle and I decided to go for a couple of walks. While it wasn’t incredibly warm, the sun certainly helped take the edge off the cold.

For lunch, Elle treated me to some great Catibbean food at a restaurant called Turtle Bay. This was cool, as it was Zack’s first trip to a restaurant! 

He was fascinated by the lights and the rotating fans on the ceiling. And once again, he liked to be held while we were eating so he didn’t feel left out. I’m becoming quite proficient at eating with one hand now 😛 

The service here was great. It was lunchtime and it wasn’t too busy, so the staff member who greeted us was able to choose a quiet and spacous corner for us and the buggy. He even removed an unnecessary chair from the table to make extra space… which is something I wouldn’t have even thought to ask. 

Elle went with some jerk chicken with coleslaw and spicy chips while I had a jerk chicken bun with spicy rice. The waitress who served us was friendly and the food was enjoyable. Cocktails were two-for-one but it was too early for that, so we went with something simpler 😛 

The total bill came to £28, which included one dessert and a pint of beer (Red Stripe on tap, baby!) It was decent value for the experience we had and I’d definitely come back… if only to try some of the cocktails 🙂

Since I’m now officially allowed to tell awful dad jokes, I’ll end on this note… the dining experience was turtle’y awesome 😛

Thank you! Thank you! I’m here all week 😀 

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