Life at the Office

Whew! What a busy couple of weeks these have been.

My work has really kicked up a notch as I’ve been working on some special projects. Initially this started out as a small additional responsibility, but it recently snowballed into something bigger and more significant.

The extra responsibilities have resulted in some super busy days… For the first time in years, I voluntarily stayed late at the office by two hours just to make sure everything was done properly. In general, it feels great to be doing something different. The only downside is that an extra two hours at the office means an extra two hours away from my wife and baby.


I hope to work from home a little more in the coming weeks/months. Coming home is an incredible treat for me when little Zack sees me and his face lights up with a smile. That right there… that’s what┬ámagic is made of.

Today I attended a mindfulness workshop at the office. This was a way to help manage our own stress levels and ‘be present’ in the moment so workloads never get on top of us. While the course itself wasn’t presented particularly well, I did enjoy the opportunity to get away from my desk, read some Dalai Lama quotes, and do some colouring in. I mean honestly… who doesn’t want to get paid to do colouring in? ­čśŤ

Besides that,┬áthere are other ways to make yourself smile when you’re at work and away from your family. I’ve been finding joy in the little material things, as highlighted in the photo above. As a treat for myself, I ordered a custom-made coffee mug with a chocobo design from Final Fantasy, my favourite game franchise.

It’s a welcome dose of┬ásomething cute and colourful in an otherwise formal working environment. Its probably not the most professional thing┬áto be keeping on my desk… but that’s the point ­čÖé

Other than that, I’ve been fully indulging in my┬áfreedom to eat chocolate once again. As part of the Easter festivities, there was a guessing game at work to win this jar of mini chocolate eggs.

I guessed 102, but it turned out to be 118. Close but no cigar ­čśŤ As a consolation prize, I bought this on the way home.

And yes… they are all gone by the time you’re reading this (don’t judge me!)
I only have a half-day left of work before the Easter Weekend commences in earnest. I’m looking forward to enjoying the glorious four-day weekend. Elle and I have already made several┬áplans with little Zack. I can’t wait!

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope you all have a great time ­čÖé Thanks for reading, folks!

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