Birthday Fun!

London has been enjoying a lovely summer over the last two weeks. It’s not quite as intense as last year’s, but it’s certainly enough to justify leaving home without a jacket.

Amid the warm balmy days have been birthday celebrations for my wife, Elle.

I kicked off the morning by giving her breakfast in bed.

For a gift, I got her one of her favourite Lush Spa treatments called The Comforter. As a hard working mum, she deserves nothing less than a soothing relaxing treat at a Lush spa. You can read about my own experience having The Comforter here.

As a nice surprise, our neighbour Laura also left a gift on our doorstep for Elle. Many thanks, Laura!

Zack was more interested in the gift bag than anything else 😛

We returned to BoxPark, which is a great little venue of food and drink outlets surrounding a cluster of picnic tables. It’s great because if you’re with friends, you can all choose whatever food you like and sit together… no awkward discussions about who wants what!

There’s food from all different countries and walks of life.

Elle looks even prettier in the sunshine.

In the evening, more of the family came round and we dined at a Caribbean restaurant called Turtle Bay. Elle chose it as she and I really enjoyed our first visit there.

It’s a warm and inviting restaurant with a lively atmosphere at night.

My food was comforting and tasted oddly home-made, giving it a sense of authenticity. 

And once we returned home, I had cake and Prosecco ready and waiting for everyone. If in doubt… always end a birthday with cake and Prosecco 🙂

All in all, it has been fun. Hopefully the warm weather will continue. Thanks for reading, folks.

Until next time! 🙂

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