10 Things That Make Me Happy

Hello, readers!

I was tagged by Bespoke Buckley for this blog post, so thanks for nominating me! You can read her original post here.

Here are 10 things that make me happy.

1. Family

elle and zack

Elle and Zack are my world and I am grateful for them every day. A smile from either of them is enough to banish all the despair in the world. Sometimes it feels weird to even think that I am now a family man. But that’s what we are… a family. And there’s nothing I cherish more 🙂

2. Gaming


It’s no accident that video games come right after family 😛 I love gaming so much that it is more than just a casual hobby for me. As Elle once told me “It’s a part of who you are.” Certain games like Destiny have also helped me with my anxiety in ways I didn’t anticipate.

3. Japanese Stuff


I’ve never been certain why, but I feel a strong affinity for Japan and it’s culture. The locations, the food, the drink, the video games, the anime, the manga… even the plushies! One year for my birthday, my older brother asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I replied “Japanese stuff.” I ended up with a crate full of snacks, chocolates and drinks. That was a birthday present I didn’t forget in a hurry! 😀

4. Blogging


Writing this personal blog has become a great hobby of mine. One of the reasons I started it is because I wanted to find a way to deal with my anxiety. I can talk about it freely here while learning about other bloggers’ experiences. I can also record all the good times in my life so I never forget the things I should be grateful for.

5. London


This city has been my home since the day I was born. It is huge, progressive and alive with culture. I truly believe we have world class transport, restaurants, bars and city life. Recent events have reminded us that London is not without it’s dangers… but it is my home. And now more than ever, there’s no place I’d rather live.

6. Summer


I love sunshine! Compared to many parts of the world, London’s summers generally don’t last long. But 2016’s summer was exceptional and I relished every minute of it. There’s something about sunshine that just instantly brightens my mood. There’s nothing quite like it 🙂

7. Exercise


And speaking of brightening my mood, exercise makes me feel great! I don’t know if it’s the endorphins or the sense of achievement, but working out just feels brilliant to me. I really miss my old gym. Running in the streets of my local area is decidedly NOT fun, but running in a gym or as part of an organised event is brilliant. You can read about my latest running event here.

8. Surprise Gifts


I love giving surprise presents and also love getting them (of course!) It’s a great feeling to realise someone cares about you enough to give you something out of the blue. And it doesn’t even have to be a fancy gift.

Elle once bought me a bag of chocolate covered pretzels because she knew I was having a really stressful day (and I have a weakness for chocolate pretzels). It was a simple gesture, but it meant the world to me when I got home from work. Little things like that are amazing to me 🙂

9. Alcohol


I feel like this one doesn’t need an explanation. Beer, whisky, cocktails, bubbly… I love them all! Gimme gimme gimme 😀

10. The Marvel Cinematic Universe


The MCU is a superb body of work. It has had some stumbles, but it’s also had some resounding successes. Best of all… the characters, motivations, subtext and narrative events of a dozen films culminated in an emotional and dramatic climax in Captain America: Civil War. After seeing how poor some superhero films can be, I was delighted at how much Civil War got right. It’s incredible to me that we live in age where things we only dreamed of as children now exist… and are both really well done and popular in the mainstream.

So those are 10 things that make me happy! I nominate some of my favourite bloggers to list theirs… if you want to! No pressure 🙂





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