Wedding Anniversary & Father’s Day

Hello, readers!

This week has been a very cool week. Not only did I celebrate my first ever Father’s Day (twice), but Elle and I also celebrated our five-year wedding anniversary 🙂

Wedding Anniversary

Our anniversary fell on a Thursday this year, so we exchanged gifts in the morning before I went to work. Traditionally, the five-year anniversary is for wood… which wasn’t the easiest to deal with in terms of finding interesting presents.

I got Elle a wooden sign with a positive message, along with a wood-effect journal. Her gift to me was far more creative… dedicating a tree in our name for The Woodland Trust. It’s a cool sentiment that also does some good for the world 🙂

When I got home from work, we popped the cork on some Prosecco and enjoyed a quiet dinner together.

Between me working and Elle taking care of Zack, we chose not to do anything more extravagant until the following evening… When I booked a restaurant just for the two of us. Elle’s parents came round to take care of Zack for a few hours so we could have some alone time.
I wasn’t quite sure how this would go, as Elle and I had never been away from Zack until now. But we’d left him in safe and loving hands, so I tried to focus on enjoying ourselves. This was basically a dry run as we were only gone for two hours. And as it turned out… Zack was askeep the whole time! He never even knew we were gone 😛

The restaurant itself was a pleasant experience. We dined at Tre Fratelli as we really enjoyed eating here for Valentine’s Day 2016

Given this was our first date out since having Zack, we made an occasion of it and dressed up. Elle looked gorgeous as usual in a burgundy colour dress.

The food was enjoyable too. Elle went for pasta with sausage while I opted for a Diavolo pizza, which was delicious enough for me to take the remainder home in a doggy bag.

Another nice aspect of the evening was that our family had given us money as anniversary present, so the entire meal was free for us 🙂

Father’s Day

So here’s a nice little perk that comes with the responsibility of being a father… getting a national holiday to celebrate! As an early gift, Elle bought me a Dad bath bomb from Lush. If you follow my blog, you’ll notice quite a lot of mentions about Lush and how much we like it. This bath bomb in-particular was unique as I can’t ever recall Lush doing one specifically for dads.

On Saturday, we celebrated Father’s Day with my father and did the same with Elle’s father on Sunday. I received this gift from Elle, which made me smile.

What would really make my day is getting a couple of uninterrupted hours on the Playstation tonight without falling asleep 😛 Alas, the path of a parent does not afford the luxury of guaranteeing anything. I’m not complaining. I mean… how can you complain about a face like this???

#ProudFather 😀

Anyway, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading, folks. Until next time!

4 thoughts on “Wedding Anniversary & Father’s Day

  1. Happy wedding anniversary!

    I love Zacks vest and your t-shirt, was going to buy that for Tom but it was out of stock in his size 😩

    Here’s to many more years of fab wedding anniversaries and fathers days 🥂

    Liked by 1 person

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