The hot sun is bearing down over the city of London.

I walk home among the usual throng of people. Half of them are commuters, walking quickly to get home. Half of them are tourists, strolling around leisurely to soak up the atmosphere.

Normally, I am the former. Today, I am the latter. My office clothes are packed away in my rucksack. A vest and shorts allow me to enjoy the heat instead of cope with it.

Children of all race and ethnicity play by the riverbank, chasing bubbles released by a street vendor. Couples walk arm-in-arm, sipping iced beverages and chatting. Boats sail lazily down the River Thames.

I lay down on the green to catch some sun. A blue sky smiles down on me. Suddenly peace and liveliness seem harmonius… a perfect fit instead of opposites. People all around me are napping or sunbathing on the grass. I get out my phone and see if any Pokémon are around.

I stroll by the river and watch the waves roll over the stones. I watch poets for hire amuse passers-by. I listen to a busker play a soothing acoustic melody.

The sun is tingling on my skin. I close my eyes, let go of my worries, and listen to the pulse of the city. My London. My home.

I close my eyes and breathe.

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