Zack – Six Months On

How time flies.

This time six months ago, Elle and I were in our first week of being new parents to our beautiful baby, Zack.


I had taken three weeks off work so I could be at home full-time. We were both awake at all hours of the day to care for Zack, adjusting to a new routine of feeding/changing/comforting. Everything seemed new to me. It felt new.

Now suddenly… Zack is six months old.


Where did the time go?

We read advice online that said the months would fly by quickly… and boy was the advice right! Zack is growing and learning so beautifully. He looks different. He sounds different. He’s much heavier and putting on weight nicely.

With each week, I feel he’s just about to master his first word or his first crawl. He’s so close now. I can see it in his movements. And speaking of firsts… he is now on solids!


Elle and I have begun introducing him to a variety of different foods such as peas, broccoli, cauliflower, banana, strawberries, spinach and rusks.


As you can see, we’ve had mixed results. He enjoys the sweet things like strawberries and rusks, but also seems quite receptive to cauliflower despite it not having a sweet taste. It is fascinating to see his reactions to different types of stimuli at this stage. I just wish I could be at home more during the day to see it.


Fortunately, my job affords me to work from home. This is going to become invaluable (and hopefully more common) once Elle returns to work next year.

In the meantime, I can’t wait for Zack’s other firsts 🙂 Thanks for reading, folks. Until next time!


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