Level Up – Birthday Weekend

July has been a crazy month!

Work has been incredibly busy for the last two weeks. My personal life has also been full of ‘adulty chores’ so to speak, as Elle and I are currently in the middle of something both exciting and kind of stressful. I plan to write a separate post about that later. For now, suffice to say that life is busy and productive both at home and work.

But I made it to the end of the month for a well-earned reward… my birthday! 🙂


To celebrate me ‘levelling up’ another year, I spent the Sunday having lunch with my parents and then dinner with Elle’s parents. This resulted in a tonne of deliciously unhealthy food 😉


And of course, there was plenty of cake!


Our parents loved seeing our baby Zack again… it’s hard to resist that gorgeous smile of his 🙂 I’ve also found myself enjoying visits with parents more now that we have Zack. We all seem to bond over him and feel more relaxed and happy.


I got some very nice birthday gifts, with my family-in-law going overboard with love and generosity as usual. I asked for a coffee grinder and received five (yes five!) bags of coffee beans to go with it XD So I should bet set for the next 18 months or so. The Hello Panda biscuits are also a personal favourite of mine 🙂


The two most exciting gifts are a DNA test and New Nintendo 2DS XL… which is technically a gift from my company as it came out of my MVP prize money. The DNA test is going to reveal my genetic make-up, which is something I’m fascinated to learn about. I love these two gifts so much that I’ll be writing separate blog posts about each of them in the near future. I’m also super excited to try out my coffee grinder as I’ve never ground coffee beans myself.

Today was my actual birthday, so I booked the day off work. We had lunch at Five Guys because… well… it’s Five Guys! And after that I had a cocktail called Game Over… which apparently contained vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec and absinthe mixed with tropical Red Bull.


Alas, it was pretty weak despite the ominous description 😛

So that’s what I’ve been upto! I’m feeling very blessed right now and enjoying my day off. I hope you all are enjoying your week. Thanks for reading! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Level Up – Birthday Weekend

      1. Not sure what happened to the first part of my comment lol hence the odd wording

        You certainly have quite a sweet tooth with all those cookies and biscuits… And the cake… Looks fantastic!

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