Zack – Nine Months On

If there’s one piece of connective tissue between all the parenting blogs I read, it’s a shared disbelief of just how fast babies grow up.

A moment ago, my little baby Zack was barely a couple of months old. Now all of a sudden, he’s nine months. It doesn’t sound like much difference, but when I look at how much he’s grown as a little human being… wow! What a change 🙂

He’s smiling, he’s teething, and yes… he’s crawling now.

“Stay here for a second. Daddy’s going to get a bib. Ah, here we go. Now we’ll… Zack? Zack! What are you doing over there?!”

Boy, does the little man get around. Such a clever/cheeky little boy 🙂 He’s also entered a separation anxiety phase that means we can’t leave him alone even for a second.

Of course… its fine if he decides to crawl off. But it has to be him to decide it, you see. Mummy and Daddy can’t walk away without him. Because cooking dinner or doing the dishes means putting him down for a while, and that simply will not do 😛

It’s tough, but it’s also adorable because he’s returning our affection. And it honestly melts my heart. So I’m savouring these precious days before the forewarned ‘terrible twos’ kick in.

Zack hasn’t spoken yet but his first word isn’t far off. He’s mastered the “da da” sound that comes easily for most babies, and is currently applying it to everything from toys to nappies to meals. He’s also learning the sounds “mer mer” and “ner ner” although using them less often. I swear the other day he also said “wub wub” although I’m certain it’s nothing to do with dubstep music 😛

All in all, Zack’s development is coming along well. It’s remarkable how far we’ve come as a family these last nine months… and remarkable still how much further there is to go. What’s next to come, I wonder?

Let’s find out!

Thanks for reading, folks! 🙂

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