Babies, Baths and Justice

The cold weather is settling in for winter. The nights are getting cold and the mornings… even colder.

London is gearing up for Christmas, with lights being turned on and festive snacks lining the supermarket aisles.

Yet, this year’s new parental responsibilities keep me more occupied than anything else. In the past, I would have been halfway home with Christmas preparations by now. Presents would have been listed if not purchased and the plan for Christmas Day would have already been decided between us and our parents.

This year, I’ve had more of a ‘take care of the baby first and sort the rest out later‘ mindset.

Still, I’m sure the Christmas hype is going to get me eventually 🙂 In the meantime, here are some photos of what I’ve been upto lately.

A trip to Lush resulted in some Ocean Salt body scrub to help with the damaged/repairing skin on my hands caused by Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. I also got another Thundersnow bath bomb for Elle… I thought it would make a nice surprise gift for her.

As part of the gift, I also came home with a couple of cronuts! These are doughnuts made with croissant dough and they are delicious!

Elle and I also went to a baby show at the Excel Centre, which is basically an expo for parents to buy products and get professional advice on all aspects of parenting life.

There was free food for babies as well as a dedicated changing section with free nappies and wipes etc. Zack had a lot of fun in the play area.

The Excel Centre is incredibly well designed for expos. In terms of transportation, crowd management, toilet facilities, cash points… all of it has been thought of beforehand. I really hope Hyper Japan and EGX find their way to Excel in the future.

Finally this week, I saw Justice League at the cinema.

While not terrible, the film is an average addition to the DCEU. At it’s best, it is mediocre superhero fare that we’ve seen done better before. But at least there is some joy to be had in the scenes with Aquaman and The Flash. I wish this cinematic universe hadn’t been so rushed, as I would have liked seeing standalone origin films for these two characters… especially after seeing how great the Wonder Woman film turned out.

So that’s what I’ve been upto lately. Thanks for reading, folks 🙂


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