Wine & Dine Me 

I quite enjoy reading blogs about someone remembering to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, as they can occur any time and could easily be missed by us.

A hot cup of tea on a cold day… a moment of peace to read a book… or as I’ve recently re-discovered, eating at the table instead of on the couch.

My wife Elle and I live in a one-bedroom apartment. Before Zack was born, our small (but extendable) dining table was often occupied by my work equipment. After Zack was born, it sort of became his dedicated changing station. As such, most of our meals have been eaten on the couch in front of the TV.

Yesterday evening, I packed everything away and set up dinner for the table. As I’d made burritos, it helped to have a table for us to place everything on. Zack joined us in his highchair so all three of us could eat together, rather than us take turns eating and feeding Zack separately. 

It was only when Elle and I clinked wine glasses together that it hit me… it has been ages since we did this.

In that instant, I suddenly felt like an adult. Which sounds silly. After all, what could be more adult than raising a child? But what I mean is that it felt more like what we used to do as an adult couple before Zack arrived. I mean no couple goes for a romantic meal at a restaurant and says something like…

“Ooooh look at this spoon. What colour is the spoon? It’s yellow! Can you say yellow?”

Or perhaps they do – I won’t judge 😛 

In any case, it was nice having all three of us sit at the table and eat as a family. I can see now that when Zack gets older, family meal time is going to be something to look forward to 🙂

Speaking of things Elle and I used to do as a couple, we discovered an amazing new pub this weekend thanks to a friend’s recommendation. Zack came with us, of course, but it was very family friendly and well staffed by welcoming people.

It was called The Black Horse in Norbiton and I absolutely loved this place! It looked very well maintained, with well organised areas for eating and tonnes of space to accommodate groups of friends.

We had lunch with our friends so we could draw names for our Secret Santa this Christmas. It has long been a tradition for us that we get together for a Christmas meal every December and it’s a tradition I really love 🙂

Adding to the charm of this pub is Hendrix, pictured above. She is incredibly well behaved and quite social with all the pub guests… including Zack, who really enjoyed seeing her. Hendrix kept coming by the table to greet everyone. She also wanted some of our food but the staff don’t encourage feeding her anything. She was still super friendly though.

If you find yourself in Norbiton and are looking for an upper tier pub to eat at, I strongly recommend The Black Horse. It is even a Pokémon gym if you’re interested in Pokémon Go.

This was a pretty cool discovery, as four of us got our phones out and started battling. There were also a couple of little critters to catch inside the pub.

The only downside is that I couldn’t enjoy the variety of beer they had on tap as I was driving. Ah well… that’s the life of a parent 😉

Thanks for reading, folks!

2 thoughts on “Wine & Dine Me 

  1. “Ooooh look at this spoon. What colour is the spoon? It’s yellow! Can you say yellow?”

    Sounds like a fun game to play on my next dinner date with my wife 😀

    Love dinner at the table. It can be a devalued and under looked perk of life, but I absolutely love it. My wife and I don’t have kids yet, but we had our 2 nephews and niece stay over one night, and having them all excitedly come around the table ready for food was very delightful.

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