Yuletide Festivities

The world moves ever closer to Christmas.

In addition to the other traditions I observe at this time of year, my wife Elle and I make sure we meet our dearest friends for a Christmas meal every December. 

I genuinely can’t remember how many years we’ve been doing this, but I’m very glad that we do. This year, we went to Bill’s in Wimbledon.

The restaurant itself was very cosy and Christmas bookings seemed to be quite well organised with Christmas crackers already on the table and everyone’s names on printed cards with their pre-arranged food orders.

Despite such good preparation the staff seemed to be overwhelmed on the night. Nevertheless, we had a good time because what’s important to me is just having a good time with friends.

Elle and I skipped the traditional roast and went for a burger with bacon and Camembert. I know its not very Christmassy but it was delicious!

They also did an interesting watermelon mocktail, which I was grateful for as I was driving.

As part of our meal, we exchanged Secret Santa presents and I always find that fun 🙂 It’s also a great way of exchanging presents with a large group of friends without hurting your wallet too much… in fact it adds an element of fun to the process since you never know who got you what 🙂

Meanwhile at home, the flat is looking warm and festive. The decorations are up, there are presents sitting beneath the tree, and the stockings are full. We like to leave presents for our dearest neighbours at this time of year… and it was lovely to come home to this little surprise too.

Elle also assembled and decorated a gingerbread house, which looks so good I may never actually eat it 😛

On the final day of work before Christmas, I was lucky enough to get a paid day off as every year we host a Christmas party for all the parents in our company. This is a fantastic event my work does, as you’re allowed to bring in your kids and your partners too.

In the past, I’ve always liked hearing children’s laughter echo through the office. But as a new parent, this was the first year I got to experience the party first hand!

There were lots of fun activities for children of all ages and everybody got free snacks and drinks.

Santa Claus also came to visit, bringing gifts for everyone! Zack looks… erm… over the moon? 

Despite the pressures of the private sector, there are some pretty great perks that come with my job 😀 Who doesn’t want a paid day off to bring your family in and have fun?

So that’s work all wrapped up until Christmas! The plans are made, the presents are wrapped, and I am just about ready for a seasonal tipple!

Whatever you’re doing, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas 🙂 Thanks for reading, folks. Ho Ho Ho!

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