Memories of Snow

2nd February 2009. The day I would come to call Snow Day.

The time of year was right for snow in London, but not like this.

Not this heavy. Not this deep.

Public transport was hit hard. Train services were reduced. People were told not to drive. London Buses stopped operating completely. Businesses shut down as their staff simply couldn’t get to work.

The streets of Central London were virtually empty. There was hardly any traffic. The usual background roar of vehicles was no longer there. All the buildings were covered in snow. Dirty grey concrete had been turned clean and white.

The city felt calm. Peaceful. Magical.

It took me 3 hours 50 minutes to get to the office. I strolled through Central London, punching footprints in the deep powdery snow just to move forwards. I didn’t regret the journey for a second, as it was an unforgettably serene and beautiful trip.

Commuters like me were stopping to take pictures. Coffee shop staff with no customers were outside building snowmen. Adults were forgetting about work and playing in the snow like children once more.

It has been 9 years since that magical day, but I will always remember it fondly.

For one tranquil moment that February… London relaxed.

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