Baby Watch & Other Stuff

It’s not an easy thing to leave your baby behind while you go out for the evening.

Going out with a baby to socialise with friends is perfectly doable in the daytime. But going out in the evening when we aim to have our baby soundly tucked away at 8pm? My initial reaction to invites is always no.

The risk of disrupting his evening routine is a worry I have. What if he wakes up and we’re not there? Won’t he be sad to see a babysitter’s face? What if we wake him up when we come home late… how difficult will it be to get him back to sleep?


For the first time in a long while, my wife Elle and I went out as a couple in the evening. She had been invited to a colleague’s wedding reception, so Elle’s parents came by to look after our son, Zack. I put him to sleep just before we left and we were back around 10.30pm. Amazingly…

…he had slept soundly the entire time! He was absolutely none the wiser for us going out. This also happened the last time Elle and I went out as a couple.

Talk about relief!

It’s all the more gratifying because Zack has recently suffered the post-effects of his one-year jabs… a temperature, loss of appetite, loose motion and vomiting. The vomiting clean-ups have been particularly fun… down the back of the couch and in our bed in the middle of the night (we had to buy a new duvet).

So a happily sleeping baby is always a wonderful blessing 🙂 Yet as I type this… the fire alarm has gone off in the building across the street from us and Zack is now awake and squirming around in bed while mummy tries to cuddle him back to sleep.

Life, eh?

Anyway… here are a few pics of what else we’ve been up to lately.

For World Cancer Day, Elle and I wore unity bands to show our support.

Cancer Research are an organisation I’ve been donating to since 2002 and I promised myself I would never stop while I was earning money.

A member of my team recently got a job in another department. On her last day with us, she wrote me a very touching card and gave me some Leonidas chocolates to thank me for all my help and support.

I was rather humbled by this. And the chocolates were delicious!

This next picture is one I absolutely love. Elle sneakily photographed me and Zack taking a nap together on the couch.

And finally… to test the camera on my new phone… here’s a picture of a gorgeous wife, amazing mother, and wonderful friend.

How I got her to marry me, I’ll never know! 😛

Anyway, thanks for reading folks – see you next time 🙂

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