Moving On

It’s an odd feeling when you come to sell your home.

My wife and I have hosted several viewings for potential buyers. Sometimes, an estate agent was there and sometimes we were doing it ourselves. But in every case, it felt like we were somehow showcasing a product.

But it wasn’t a product and it wasn’t just a property. It was our home. Our life. It’s a bizarre feeling to have people walk in and say “Hmmmm nope, this isn’t good enough for me.” I remember one woman who – while standing in my living room – told me she didn’t think anyone could live in this flat for more than a couple of hours a day because it was “just so small!

Naturally, I shut her down. I mean… what did she expect me to say? “Wow, you’re right. Excuse me while I leave home and spend the rest of the day outside.”

That moment is especially fun after you’ve gone through the arduous task of emptying the flat of baby toys and work equipment, dusting, hoovering and so forth. I also can’t understate just what an enormous pain in the butt it is to transform your home to make it look sellable, only to have the viewer cancel on you at the last moment.

Nevertheless, we successfully sold it. We found a lovely couple who wanted it and to be honest I couldn’t be happier. I was hoping to find a couple who would continue to make this place a warm and inviting home, rather than a landlord who would see it as a business opportunity. Our flat was a wonderful home for almost seven years.

Elle and I moved in when we were engaged. When we got married, it was the home we came back to. We discovered many bars, pubs and restaurants in the local area and enjoyed retreating to the warm comforting beacon of our flat. We had family and friends round. We hosted dinner parties, board game nights, Christmas parties and cocktail parties. We met new neighbours, who became good friends.

It was the home we brought Zack back to after he was born. The place where he learned to crawl. Where he said his first word. Where we went from being a couple to being a family. It was a happy home and I’m going to fondly remember it for all the warm memories we made there.

Naturally, Zack is growing up so we had to move to a bigger place. We found a lovely house where he can have his own room and a garden to play in. That will be the first home he remembers. But just like Ted in How I Met Your Mother, I will one day tell him all about his parent’s first home.

The final day was hard. Most of it was spent cleaning the flat while the movers carried out all our furniture. But after all the moving and cleaning was finished, Elle and I were left standing in an empty flat.

That’s when it hit us.

The tears came. We were saying goodbye to our home. Our safe place. It had taken good care of us, just as we had taken good care of it.

I’m going to miss it. But it’s time to move on. My mind keeps going back to How I Met Your Mother. One of it’s recurring themes is how adults are often afraid of change… of moving on with their life.

“The future is scary. But you can’t just run back to the past because it’s familiar. Yes it’s tempting, but it’s a mistake.”

So we’re moving on. New pastures await with new memories to make.

Goodbye, home. Thank you for everything.


10 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. We had to move last year, out of the house we spent almost a decade in. It’s hard to say goodbye to familiarity and memories. I enjoy change, with the excitement and adventure that comes with it, but just like the last episode of your favorite TV show or the last book in your favorite series; you know there’s more out there to enjoy and that this doesn’t mean the end, but it still hurts inside a bit.

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