Marching to the End of Q1


The last two weeks have been exhausting. The days have been spent unboxing, buying flatpack furniture, getting quotes for long-term home improvements, and basically trying to get our house in order.

The march to warmer weather has been stupidly hard this year, with freezing temperatures and icy conditions making our move harder than it already was. Driving in icy roads tests the nerves, even more so with a crying baby in the back. Disposing of flatpack cardboard boxes is so much fun when the rain turns it into a soggy mush. Because of course, the weather won’t stop for a single day will it? I ended up going to the council recycling dump so often, the guy at the entrance accused me of being a trader trying to get rid of waste. Fun times.

Anyway… first world problems, eh?

Spring is finally (sort of) here. For London, that means it’s no longer freezing and we are finally getting brief bouts of sunshine. That can only be good for my vitamin D deficiency, although I plan to keep on with the supplements until summer.

As the weather gradually improves, so too does the condition of our new home. The days have been spent unboxing items and assembling furniture. The baby’s room is really coming along with fresh carpet that feels soft and luxurious, a new coat of paint, and a brand new cot for Zack to sleep in.


While we still have boxes to unload, we’re able to live with a basic level of comfort now. Next, we’re getting a new boiler installed and then new windows to properly insulate the house before next winter arrives. The work won’t end there, but that’s the point at which I hope this will feel like a cosy, happy home for the whole family.

So what else is new? Well, I wrote in an earlier blog post that I was giving up sugar for 40 days. Alas, I lasted only 24 days. Moving/unboxing/assembling/cleaning all day long proved to be incredibly tiring, and having little sugar boosts throughout the day helped me out physically as well as mentally.


I’m not advocating eating these unhealthy snacks on a regular basis, of course. I’m just saying I picked a dumb-ass time to give up refined sugar. Maybe next year I’ll try again for the whole 40 days.

And while we’re on the subject of health, I have joined the gym again! I used to be a member of Virgin/Nuffield where we used to live and I absolutely loved it. I can’t remember a time in my life where I felt so happy and confident with myself than when I was working out on a regular basis.


I cancelled my membership 18 months ago when my wife and I were expecting Zack. But now he’s a bit more grown up, it’s time to get back the level of fitness I lost. Dadbod be damned! I want to be able to run for 10 minutes again without stopping. I want to be able to lift heavy flatpacks from IKEA without pulling a muscle. The long journey to a fitter body starts here.

Thanks for reading, folks! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Marching to the End of Q1

  1. I can imagine your move’s been harder with this weather. All we’ve had is rain and snow! At least it’s starting to come together now☺ Also good choice of name. My brother’s Zach so just a different spelling. I think you did well. Over three weeks with no sugar! That’s an achievement x

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