Easter & Sleepwalking

The Easter Weekend has ended.

It’s funny looking back at my last post as I barely remembered writing it. All I know is that I wrote it in a haze of fatigue and sickness, temporarily eased by a sugar rush. I can only apologise for my randomness πŸ˜›

My Easter break was largely typical. Eggs were exchanged on Easter Sunday.

Then we enjoyed a nice roast with the family for Easter lunch.

There were plenty of snacks and nibbles, although I tried to to eat too much as I’d already eaten quite a bit of chocolate πŸ™‚

Between the stress of driving and feeling under the weather, the four-day break has felt oddly tiring. The oddest thing, however, was sleepwalking again.

I haven’t slept walked in a long time and I had hoped (perhaps naively) that it might have just stopped all by itself. However, two nights ago it happened again. My wife woke me up and I found myself lying naked on the duvet next to her.

This was the first sleepwalk in our new house. I was standing beside her and then beside some stacked up boxes (leftover from our recent move). My pyjamas were on the floor by the bed, so I don’t think I went around the whole house (as in the past we would find my clothes all around the flat).

The prevailing question for me is why.

After all this time being walk-free, why would this come back now? Especially when I wasn’t stressed out (which has been my most common trigger in the past). I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I suspect it’s because our baby’s presence affected me sub-consciously.

In our old one-bedroom flat, our baby Zack slept in our room. His cot was pretty much wedged right up against my side of the bed due to lack of space. When he awoke in the middle of the night, we would often transfer him to our bed (safely of course) if he wouldn’t settle back down in his cot.

I had assumed his presence in our bed stopped me from sleepwalking on a sub-conscious level. Now that we’ve moved to a bigger place, Zack has his own bedroom to sleep in. So perhaps my sub-conscious no longer senses his presence and has returned to sleepwalking as some form of expression.

Alas, I’m no psychologist. All of these thoughts are pure speculation… things I think about when I’m on the train or in the shower. I will keep an eye on this, however. Certain things have helped me in the past, such as exercising and regulating my sleeping regime.

On that note, I am greatly looking forward to attending the gym again once my sickness abates. It should help ease my conscience regarding all the chocolate I’ve eaten these last few days πŸ˜›

In the meantime, thanks for reading folks! Whether you’ve been healthy or you’ve been indulging in chocolate eggs, I hope you enjoyed the Easter break πŸ™‚

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