Back on the Wagon

The time has come! I have kick started my return to fitness, full speed 🙂

I quit the gym in September 2016 because my wife and I were expecting a baby. I wanted to spend my gym money on our newborn and I also decided that any time spent at the gym would be better spent at home looking after my family when they most needed me.

Because of this, I have zero regrets or guilt about quitting the gym. In fact, I’ve been indulging quite a bit without beating myself up. My favourite saying for the last 18 months has been “If I’ve fallen off the wagon, I may as well roll around in the mud.”

And what delicious mud it has been! (^_^)

But now that my baby Zack is growing up nicely, it’s time to start taking care of myself again. He needs a healthy father after all. I’ve joined a new low-cost gym that’s significantly cheaper than my old one. It’s nice and close and it’s open 24 hours, which is perfect for the inflexible hours of a working parent.

My watch also broke a few days ago, so I decided to purchase a new fitness tracker to replace it. In the past, I’ve used a MisFit Shine but the synching issues eventually put me off using it. So this time I opted for a FitBit, as my many of my friends use it and so does my wife.

After a little research, I opted for the Alta as I wanted the least obtrusive FitBit on offer… some of them can be quite bulky.

I have to admit, I’m not disappointed in that respect. The Alta is tiny! It looks and feels discreet but is still very functional at tracking my exercise.

Using the mobile app, I can also log my daily meals/snacks to keep an eye on my eating habits. This is nice because the MisFit app had to be used in conjunction with another app called MyFitnessPal to do that. I’m also relieved to find the Alta has no synching issues… at least not yet.

Monitoring my fitness journey isn’t the only thing the Alta can help me with. I recently had another sleepwalking incident for the first time in 13 months. The MisFit Shine was very helpful in monitoring my sleeping patterns to keep an eye on this, so I’m hoping the FitBit Alta will be equally useful (if not more so). I definitely want to keep an eye on how many times I sleepwalk and how long they last. Perhaps a pattern will emerge.

My favourite thing about my new FitBit, however, is the social aspect.

For years, my friends have been taking part in challenges with each other to see who can get the most steps in a week. I have finally joined the FitBit crowd and am looking forward to participating!

I’m certain I’ll be writing more about FitBit in the future as I get to grips with it. In the meantime, thanks for reading folks! 🙂

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