A Balmy April


The sun has finally returned to London. It has been a cold, wet, miserable few months so far this year. But now the city is enjoying a gorgeous balmy April.

The trips to and from work have been blessed with glorious sunshine. It’s a real joy for me to see an open blue sky with nothing but the sun in it.

It’s also rather nice to break out the summer clothes again… It feels like ages since I wore a vest.

On Saturday, my wife Elle and I met up with some friends in Kingston Upon Thames for a pub lunch. We went to The Druids Head, which is an old favourite of ours. It always seems to change a little bit every time we go. Certainly, the menu has improved considerably since our last visit.

My favourite part of this trip, however, was me taking our baby Zack out to explore the town so everyone could eat lunch in peace. As we walked past a Lush shop, one of the staff was holding two jugs and pouring pink water from one to the other to demonstrate the colour of a bath bomb. It caught Zack’s eye so we headed in to take a closer look.

Lush shops are usually staffed by friendly people who pay attention to you but oh my goodness did Zack get a lot of attention! I wound up surrounded by three women all telling me how cute he was 🙂

When he pointed to a yellow bath bomb, one of the staff went to get a large bowl of water to demonstrate it for him. When he laughed at the effervescent effect it had on the water, she gave us a bath bomb for free! This was an awesome and lovely surprise 🙂

Who knew? Cute babies get you free stuff (^_^) And Zack definitely enjoyed it as he loves his bath time.

I also picked up a bottle of Dirty shower gel, as it feels minty and refreshing… perfect at the end of a long hot day.

While we were out in Kingston, we went for a walk by the river Thames. It was beautiful weather and Zack practised some more ‘supported walking’ to take in the sights.

The whole group got some ice cream since it was a hot day. Even Zack had some, which he enjoyed once the cold sensation died away and the flavour came through.

We also stopped into Hotel Chocolat, where I didn’t buy any chocolate but did purchase this unusual little thing.

Cocoa gin! Alas, it doesn’t taste as intriguing as it sounds. It tastes like normal gin with an ever so mild hint of cocoa in the aftertaste.

But it’s not all delicious treats. I’m still exercising regularly on my journey to regain the fitness level I lost in 2016. In fact, my FitBit Alta is proving to be an excellent companion on this journey. These are my stats after the first 10 days of use.

It’s also been great at tracking my sleep, although sadly I have had another sleepwalking incident since my last post. It’s clear now that my sleepwalking has come back (or never left).

I’m absolutely convinced that exercise is the best remedy for this, which is why I’m happy to be back at a gym. Every workout is a fight against my anxiety. And Guardians don’t give up.

That’s all for now. If you’re lucky enough to be getting some hot sunshine, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Thanks for reading, folks!

5 thoughts on “A Balmy April

  1. That is so interesting that the exercise helps with the sleepwalking. Is it because it helps with your anxiety and that in turn helps with the sleepwalking? Exercise is kind of amazing right? My hubs has been off depression meds for about 4 years now and he credits it to running. I wish more people would give it a shot! Glad that you are and are spreading the word ;).

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    1. That’s fascinating to hear about your husband 🙂 Yes, exercising and working out definitely helps my anxiety as it feels empowering. I’m certain my anxiety is linked to my sleepwalking, so I’m hopeful that a steady exercise regime will reduce/stop the sleepwalking episodes (and anxiety episodes).

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