The E3 Hype Train!

Some people get excited for the Superbowl. Some get excited for the World Cup.

I get excited for E3 😀


In just one week, the Electronic Entertainment Expo will see big game companies livestream press conferences to the world about their latest and upcoming games. ‘Press conferences’ may be a slightly inaccurate term… as they have become more like crowd-pleasing shows over the years.


Sony and Microsoft in-particular tend to break out their big surprise announcements at E3, whipping up buzz for games that are still in development. Sometimes it’s a well established franchise and sometimes it’s an indie game nobody has heard of before.

As a huge fan of Playstation, Sony’s conference is always my favourite one to watch. Due to the time difference with Los Angeles, their conference is usually at 2am here in London. So me and a bunch of online buddies stay up late (or wake up early) to watch the stream live and discuss it online. ‘Discuss’ may also be a slightly inaccurate term… geeking out would be a more accurate description 😛

Last year, Spiderman stole the show for me… a game that is due for release in September and one that I will absolutely be buying.


This year, I’m not sure what to expect from Sony’s conference. But I know what I want to see from Square Enix’s conference… a new expansion for my favourite game, Final Fantasy XIV.


I’ve written about my love for FFXIV several times. There are so many things it does well. The writing is smarter and more nuanced than any other FF game. It features an excellent cast of well realised characters that I care about, a strong storyline, an immersive world, utterly gorgeous music and rich visuals. It’s everything I want in a Final Fantasy and more.


Every two years, this beautiful MMO gets an expansion that is the quite literally the size of a whole new game. If the developers stick to that timeline, we should be getting a new expansion in about 12 months. Could it be announced at E3 next week? And if so, what will it be about?


Only time will tell, but I’ll be watching Square Enix’s livestream with great anticipation!

Are you excited for E3? If so, let me know in the comments! 🙂

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