Office Parties

Friday afternoon.

Normally a time for clock watching. A time for heading out the office doors so you can get on with the weekend. But sometimes at my work, there’s a rather nice party to enjoy.

Sometimes the party marks the end of a quarter… and sometimes it celebrates a shared milestone for the company. In one particular case, it was to celebrate May the 4th. Yes that actually happened.

In any case, drinks flow freely and so does the conversation. It’s times like these that I stop being my boring work self and allow my normal self to come to the surface. This is just the way I am at work. I don’t get too close to people because then I find it hard to manage them.

So if projects and audits are replaced with cold beers for one afternoon… I’ll enjoy the opportunity to stop worrying about targets and simply be myself. And to also indulge in a few treats!

Happy weekend, folks!

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