Post-E3 Thoughts

So E3 has come and gone.

Well actually it’s still going on 😛 But for me, it ends with the last conference I want to see… which was Nintendo’s livestream earlier this evening.

In a previous post I wrote about what I was excited to see from the Sony Playstation and Square Enix conferences. As it turns out, I didn’t see anything I wanted to. Square Enix’s livestream was short and sweet, but ultimately not for me. The only thing that intrigued me was an upcoming crossover event between Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter World.

This sounds like it could be a lot of fun, but it’s not the expansion announcement to Final Fantasy XIV that I was hoping to see.

Then of course, came ‘the big one’ for me… The Playstation conference.

Boy, was this bizarre. Instead of following the winning formula of awesome game trailers they gave us last year, they said they wanted to “take us on a journey.” What followed was a mix of live music and meta transitions between the auditoriums and the game worlds being shown on screen for a couple of games.

It was high concept stuff and I applaud them for trying something so unique. Ultimately, however, it fell flat on it’s face by showing one game (The Last of Us Part II) and then going into an intermission of 10-15 minutes while the audience was moved into a new room. It didn’t make for interesting viewing, even when the crowd shuffling was replaced on the livestream by a panel discussion of the footage we’d just seen.

Fortunately, the game content they showed (when they did show it) was very interesting stuff. A particular highlight for me was the Death Stranding trailer from Hideo Kojima (most famously known as the director of Metal Gear Solid).

While I’m not particularly interested in this game, I loved the emotion conveyed in the trailer. I’m someone who is more interested in what a game makes me feel, rather than how the mechanics of it work.

Spiderman got another demonstration, but at this point I’m already sold. I was sold after Sony’s E3 conference last year. The only interesting takeaway from this conference is that the plot appeared to involve a version of the Sinister Six.

Honestly, the big surprise for me this year was from Nintendo.

I found their livestream to be the best by far, featuring a plethora of wonderful looking games to look forward to. Most importantly, their stream was fun to watch. It had a kind of energy and rhythm to it and I found myself getting excited for Pokemon Let’s Go and Super Smash Bros, both of which are out by the end of this year.

An interesting surprise was Fortnite, a massive online shooter that feels more at home on the PS4 or Xbox One.

I’m not entirely sure what would prompt Nintendo to put something like this on their family friendly Switch console… but it’s free and available to download right now. That’s the kind of surprise announcement that makes E3 conferences so much fun to watch.

So that’s E3 wrapped up for another year. Did you watch any of the conferences? Feel free to share any thoughts in the comments 🙂

Thanks for reading, folks!


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