Candy Japan Package

Hello, readers!

I’d like to share with you what I received for my wedding anniversary present. As my wife Elle and I have been married for six years, the traditional anniversary gift is sugar. So Elle got me a subscription to Candy Japan. She knows I’m a lover of all things Japanese!

This subscription gets me care packages of Japanese confectionery that isn’t sold here in the UK. Although I’m not due to get regular packages until August, I received the first package early as a goodwill gesture.

The green box was my favourite item of these three. Takenoko no Sato comprises little tree shaped biscuits dipped in chocolate. Perfect as a snack with coffee!

The white circular candies are called Fueramune. They’re lemon flavoured hard sweets with a thin hole in the middle that creates a surprisingly loud whistle when you blow.

The most unusual item was a chocolate banana variety of Hora Dekita!

This was a ‘kit’ consisting of hard foam banana candies, chocolate sauce and sprinkles. I have to admit I didn’t really like the bananas, but I loved how unusual this idea was 🙂 My wife and I had fun trying it out.

Overall, I’m happy with this first package. This is the perfect present for someone who likes Japanese confectionery. I’m looking forward to what I receive in August 😊

Thanks for reading, folks!

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