The Kupo Cream – Final Fantasy Cocktail

I’m a huge fan of Final Fantasy.

I also love making up my own cocktails.

You may now imagine a lightbulb appearing above my head 😁

Here are the ingredients I threw together to create my new drink!

Don’t worry. I did not blend up the plushy – he’s just there for decoration 😊

I hereby name this… a Kupo Cream!

Kupo is the sound moogles make in the FF games – the moogle pictured above is called Kuplipo from Final Fantasy XIV.


Bourbon whisky

Fragelico hazelnut liqueur

Chocolate flavoured milk

Shake with ice and pour into a glass, topping with whipped cream.

If you have glace cherries, pop one on top of the cream to resemble a moogle’s pom pom.

Cheers! 😀

6 thoughts on “The Kupo Cream – Final Fantasy Cocktail

  1. This is such a creative post! The plushie is very cute and the placement of it is perfect, haha. The drink looks very… beautiful? I’m not sure how to describe it since I don’t drink alcohol myself.

    Liked by 1 person

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