Celebrating by the River

This Thursday was a rather unusual one at work.

I was invited to an event with the senior managers, along with everyone else who has been with the company for 10 years or more. Apparently we’re all in a ‘club’ now so we get to enjoy one of these events every year.

This is very much like the lunch I had last year when I actually hit the 10 year milestone. We got an afternoon off work and were treated to lunch and drinks at the Northbank Restaurant.

This is a high end restaurant located by the River Thames. It’s airy and spacious with plenty of seating, offering a lovely view of the Millennium Bridge.

We started with Bollinger Champagne for our reception drinks. It was very hot and sunny in the outdoor area, so a colleague had taken the initiative of bringing everyone some rather… erm… fashionable sunglasses.

Not exactly a well framed selfie, I’ll admit 😅

As expected, the menu was fancier than what I’m used to eating.

The hot smoked salmon cake was rather bland to be honest.

However the main course of the twice baked cheese souffle was very good! It had a comfortingly savoury flavour and was surprisingly light for a cheese dish.

For dessert, I went for strawberry and elderflower trifle.

Despite the fancy yet somehow slapdash presentation here, it was actually amazing! I’ve never tasted a custard or cream that was so light and fluffy. It was like I was eating delicious air. I was quite impressed with this.

The restaurant also served a wide range of spirits and cocktails. I went for a Whisky Negroni, which was made with 12 year old Chivas and had a bitter smoky kick to it.

Overall it was a pleasant – if somewhat loud – afternoon. I only wish it hadn’t been followed by the worst commute I’ve had in years (thanks, Southern Rail).

Still, sunny weather and cold drinks are always a good elixir for work stress. And so the hot summer continues…

Thanks for reading, folks 🙂

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