An Amazing Summer

Here we are in July and I can say with confidence that 2018 has already given London the hottest summer of my life 🌞

Since April, temperatures have hovered around the comfortably balmy region of 22 degrees centigrade before rising and holding around 29-30 degrees.

Depending on where you live, 30 degrees may seem like no big deal. But I promise you such temperatures are rare for us, even in summer. To have the weather reach 30 and hold at 30 for an extended period of time… I can’t even remember the last time that happened!

It’s been absolutely wonderful to feel sun on my skin on a regular basis. I’ve written before about how much sunshine improves my mood – and I know it’s not just me who feels that. Given the bitterly cold winters we get, I feel that summers like these are a nice reward.

I am over the moon!

Alas, I am not the only one to consider. My son Zack has turned 18 months old and is struggling with the intense heat. The daytime is largely fine, as we keep him in the shade as much as possible. When taking him outdoors, sun cream and a hat are both very useful.

The nights are when things get bad. They are humid and stuffy and that’s not good for a child his age. Temperatures in his bedroom frequently get up to 28-30 degrees overnight.

We’re doing our best to keep his room ventilated and cool using fans and open windows. But when the air outside is hot, open windows can be somewhat detrimental. Fortunately, we have a blackout blind in his room that deflects sunshine, but overall it is no match for this unprecedented level of heat.

We’ve been using a number of different options to keep him comfortable and I’m happy to say they’ve mostly been a success… no pyjamas, a cold bottle in front of the fan, and of course… water to drink if he wakes up feeling hot and thirsty.

While I adore this summer, I wouldn’t mind it cooling down a bit for his sake.

In the meantime, we’re making use of the hot weather while it’s here. That means sunbathing (for me), barbecues and cold drinks.

I have also ticked off another little thing I’ve always wanted to do… a bucket of beer in the garden!

Is it hot where you are? And if so, how are you feeling about it? Feel free to share any thoughts below.

Thanks for reading, folks!


5 thoughts on “An Amazing Summer

  1. This really has been the most amazing summer! Don’t envy you with your little boy though, the heat doesn’t always agree with them and can be a bit of a worry when they are so young! Sounds like your all doing ok though 😊

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  2. It’s interesting to read that you love the sun and I think that’s cool! I love it when I get a new perspective. As you probably know, I don’t like the sun or heat haha. Oh wow, it’s that hot overnight too, huh. I hope for his sake too that the temperature will be cooler. I’m glad that things are working and nice pictures. 🙂 The groegg is very cute. I want one for my room LOL.

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    1. Heh heh I know you’re not a fan but that’s okay – itt’s good for us to all have and share different perspectives I think 🙂 Yeah the egg is nice as it changes colour based on the temperature. Green is the ideal range for a baby, orange is warm but tolerable, and red is too hot. It’s been red a lot lately!

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      1. Oh it changes colour too?? That’s so awesome. I’m checking the baby department next time I go to the store haha. It’s unfortunate that it’s been red lately. Hoping for the green colour!

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