A Cool Grey Friday

After a historically generous summer in London, the heatwave has finally broken. Grey clouds, cool breeze and heavy rain have returned.

We need it, to be honest.

Greenery is no longer dry and dusty. Plants and flowers are getting the natural hydration they need. And my 19-month old son is sleeping more fitfully in the absence of stifling humidity.

I stand in my office on a Friday afternoon, sipping a hot cup of coffee and staring out the window. The rain cascades down the glass. The wind outside blows raindrops almost completely sideways.

People outside run to the safety of nearby buildings, using whatever they can as an umbrella… A briefcase, a newspaper, a bag for life.

I return to the couch in our relaxation area and play my Nintendo 3DS a bit more. It injects a bit of colour and joy into an otherwise humdrum day of work and planning.

A performance review. Staff recruitment. Training on custom projects.

Slaying dragons. Cooking health potions. Levelling up.

A cool grey Friday in August.

2 thoughts on “A Cool Grey Friday

  1. Sounds like a cool day. I really like what you wrote about playing the DS, how it injects colour and joy “into an otherwise humdrum day of work and planning” as you called it – that’s exactly how I feel when I play my DS on public transit to work or school.

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