Lush Spa – The Good Hour

The Lush Spa in Oxford Circus is an amazing sanctuary of peace and relaxation. It comes with a hefty price tag, but as a rare treat it is absolutely worth the money.

That’s because Lush Spa treatments aren’t just massages… they are experiences.

This time, my wife Elle bought me a gift voucher for a treatment called The Good Hour.

This is a full body massage designed to find specific areas of tension in your muscles and release them.

It is accompanied by a wonderful ambient soundtrack in a darkened room with soft green lighting and a dry ice effect.

This is the first time I had been massaged by a man before. They do check with you beforehand if you have a preference, but I stated that I didn’t mind the gender. As it turned out… once the massage began I suddenly had my doubts 😆 After all, you’re almost completely naked on the massage table.

But in the end, I was fine with it. David (the masseur) had stronger hands than any female masseuse I’ve had in the past… which the staff say is beneficial for a massage of this type. It only took a few minutes before I found myself relaxing completely.

This really is a wonderful experience. I felt a release within me… not just physically but mentally too. The music and aromas combined with the physical massage to ease the tension out of my mind as well as my body.

My hair was all messy by the end of it. After all, I was on the table for 70 minutes! But I felt utterly rejuvenated by the end of it.

There’s also a nice shower with a robe and towels if you like… which is good because this treatment came at the end of a long day at work. The staff are always lovely and the whole experience is really comforting from start to end.

You can even enjoy a cup of tea with rum in it afterwards, rather than just heading back out to the crowded streets of Oxford Circus.

I also bought Elle a treatment. Hers was only a few days before mine.

She had one called The Comforter, which involves a chocolate rose body scrub. You can read about my experience with The Comforter here.

I left the spa feeling relaxed and somewhat hazy. It was fitting then, that I emerged back out into an Oxford Circus bathed in an oddly ethereal dusk.

Overall, it was a wonderful evening. I can’t recommend the Lush Spa highly enough.

Thanks for reading, folks!


3 thoughts on “Lush Spa – The Good Hour

  1. Massages are the best! There’s a masseur who comes to y office building once a month and I get 45mins with him when I can. It’s heaven, leaving me feeling amazing. Definitely worth the money and worth the time.

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      1. Absolutely – we can forget we’re actually physical being and get all caught up in our heads, ignoring our posture and discomfort. A massage is great for reminding you of your whole body and loosening everything up. 🙂

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