Center Parcs – 2018

I have returned from a wonderful week at Center Parcs in Woburn with my wife and her family.

We generally do these trips as a large family, as it’s more fun for us if we’re all in a group. It’s great for doing activities together, and it proves to be a trip that is equally relaxing and active.

Our little one, Zack, loved exploring the great outdoors as well as the great indoors.

There were plenty of fun activities to do, including painting.

The lodge itself was very comfortable. We went for en-suite bathrooms, which is super convenient!

It also came with our own private sauna, which was surprisingly big.

It was perfect for some alone time without any strangers around.

Like all lodges, it had a lovely fireplace for getting cosy in the evenings.

My wife, Elle, brought her Nintendo Switch so we could enjoy a few party games. Combined with a celebratory bottle of Prosecco, this gave us all a very giggly evening!

As the lodge had a big spacious kitchen, we were able to cook a lot of our own meals. Zack enjoyed shopping at the local Parcs Market as he got his own little trolley to push.

The lodge had a BBQ outside so we took advantage of the clement weather.

We also treated ourselves to some of the restaurants in the area.

The food was really quite good!

Many of the restaurants were designed with families in mind, so there were soft play areas for little ones.

My favourite restaurant was an Indian one called Rajinda Pradesh, which Elle and I went to for date night.

The food here was exceptional and there were some interesting cocktails on offer. We went for the Kachumba Cooler and a Minted Raj.

As the waiter misheard our order, we ended up with a free starter. I wouldn’t have minded even if we didn’t, to be honest. The main dishes were delicious enough and the staff were super friendly all throughout.

Other fun activities included swimming in the large indoor swimming pools…

… enjoying a round of crazy golf…

… and enjoying a leisurely boat ride.

I also faced my fear of heights again by jumping off a tower in a challenge called The Drop.

This involved four different jumping challenges, all of which were incredibly difficult for me. It just goes against your natural instincts to jump off a large structure, particularly for the final challenge in which you had no safety harness. I managed to do them all, even though I came away with a minor injury.

By far, my favourite activity was a couples treatment with Elle at the Aqua Sana spa.

Elle and I went for a Serail Mud Treatment, which gave us our own private spa room, complete with a steam room and twin showers. This is because the treatment involves rubbing mud on each other and then letting it melt off us in the steam room.

It felt heavenly and I was in sort of a content haze afterwards.

All in all, it was a wonderful and memorable trip. I’m already looking forward to going again in the future.

Have you been to Center Parcs? Feel free to share any blog posts about your own experience in the comments.

Thanks for reading, folks! 🙂

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