Rain, Coffee and Treats

As the cold nights start to settle in, the home is becoming ever more important as a comfortable and cosy refuge for the family.

Movie night has (sort of) become a thing again, thanks to some warm microwavable popcorn.

The days are also becoming colder and wetter. Recent plans to take our son to the zoo were somewhat foiled by a very rainy day, so we all decided to stay at home for some coffee and cake.

I love having a home that enables us to easily host friends on rainy days.

It was a good opportunity to use my handheld coffee grinder – the Kitchen Pro.

Using a crank (and a little elbow grease) to freshly grind coffee beans feels oddly therapeutic to me.

The aroma you get from the coffee grounds is just beautiful. This particular blend was delicious, smooth and mild.

We had some chocolate cake to go with it because… reasons 😏

We also spent a Sunday afternoon introducing our 21 month old son to the wonders of baking.

Chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips! Here’s how they turned out.

Sadly some of it disappeared before they could make it to a cooling rack. The police have no suspects…

I’m looking forward to some more cosy indoor activities this autumn and winter.

Hope you all wrap up warmly for the weather ahead, folks! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Rain, Coffee and Treats

  1. Avengers Infinity War and a nice coffee and popcorn like that sounds great for these winter evenings. As the days grow shorter I like to enjoy a good film as well, with coffee or hot chocolate. That blend you mention sounds very good!

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