The Train Ride Home

Raindrops are pouring down the train window. The world outside flows past.

Warm yellow light fills the carriage, bathing all the passengers… Passengers heading home after work… Passengers dressed up in evening wear, on their way to a night out.

This is my train ride home.

It’s been a long week at work. There was a bad day, followed by stress, followed by an awkward meeting. But then there was a party, and a bite to eat afterwards. And I was reminded how human we all are.

I never I want to forget that.

I sit on the train, staring out the window. I see the apartment blocks fly past me. I consider how many people are passing before my eyes. How many of them are stressed about something? How many lives are being lived out right now?

Life keeps moving on. So perhaps I should just keep moving on with it, rather than rooting myself to something negative in the past.

Because this train is going to stop at some point. The forward momentum will come to a grinding halt. How do I want to feel when that happens?

That choice is up to me.


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