Kindness and sentimentality. That’s what I do best.

I’m not an aggressive, adversarial ‘manly’ type of guy. I’m just me.

If I can lash out at work or buy some festive chocolates for everyone to enjoy, I’d rather do the latter. I’ve often thought about doing the former, but I know it wouldn’t accomplish anything.

If I can make people smile or feel good… if I can make them walk out of my meeting feeling happier than when they walked in… I consider that a good thing.

I could let stress and cynicism get the better of me. In fact, I often do.

But I can rise above it.

I can choose to not let it twist me into someone bitter. I can let it go. I can be better. And I think only then is it truly gone.

It will always come back, of course. That’s just life. But how I deal with it is up to me.

I choose to be sentimental. I choose to respect people based on how nice they are, not based on their gender, sexuality, race, age or country of birth. I choose to not judge someone unless they judge me first.

I am a sentimental man. And I’m happy with that.

Thank you for reading ❤


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