Christmas Snippets

The Christmas season is in full swing!

I’ve been spending time enjoying festive activities with my wife and son. He is almost two years old and is far more aware of Christmassy things than he was this time last year.

He doesn’t quite know what’s happening, but he knows it’s something colourful and fun… from the Christmas tree in our home to the ceiling decorations in our local Sainsbury’s supermarket.

Here are some random snippets of what we’ve been up to this December.

The Bluebell Railway

We took a trip on an old fashioned steam train to a place called Horsted Keynes. This sort of felt like we had stepped into the past.

Everyone received mince pies and chocolate coins while Santa Claus walked up and down the train, handing out presents.

Unlike last year, Zack actually enjoyed seeing Santa when he saw him coming. He also enjoyed the train station at Horsted Keynes, which was full of activities for children to enjoy. I particularly liked seeing the reindeer.

Zack was somewhat exhausted from all the excitement, as toddlers usually are, so he fell asleep in my arms. I ended up carrying him home almost the entire way back.

Christmas Disco

Box Park held a musical event for little ones. This was a fun event filled with dancing and singing.

Zack was less interested in the band and more interested in a glass of cold water 😝 Still, he received a goody bag from Santa and there were lots of bubbles for him to pop.

Christmas Meal with Friends

This is an annual tradition Elle and I have been following for so many years I can’t even remember. Every Christmas time, no matter what, we get together for a meal with our dearest friends.

This year we went to a pub in Kingston called The Albert, which was absolutely brilliant. The friendly staff were on the ball with everything and the whole venue had a warm inviting glow with lovely decorations.

We did Secret Santa with each other, so opening presents was fun!

The Coca-Cola Truck

The Coca-Cola truck seems to tour the country every Christmas. I had an opportunity to see it in real life (as opposed to a TV advert) so we had a quick visit to check it out.

Avengers Wrapping Session

And finally… my own personal Christmas tradition. Wrapping up all my Christmas presents while watching an Avengers film 🙂

So that’s what I’ve been up to. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas holiday, whatever you’re doing.

Thanks for reading, folks!

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