3 Year Blogoversary

Hello, readers.

Today my personal blog is three years old.

Normally I would mark this milestone by summarising my favourite posts of the year. But I think I’ve spent enough time pretending 2018 has been nothing but happy fun times.

It hasn’t. 2018 has been the most stressful year of my adult life. And it’s not done yet. I’ve been sick for the Christmas period, enjoying the accompanied benefits of falling over and vomiting. There may only be a few days left, but this year is going out punching and kicking.

But make no mistake, 2018… your time is up.

I’m not naive enough to think everything will be better in 2019 simply because the calendar changes. But I could really use a fresh start. And I have to believe that next year will not be as difficult as this one has been.

So I raise a toast. Not to the year that has passed, but to it’s demise.

Goodbye 2018. You’re done.


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