Year Ending

2018 did not go quietly.

The last few days of the year saw me battling an illness that made me collapse twice and vomit several times while doing more work on the house and taking care of my son.

Despite having one and a half weeks off for Christmas, my first day back at work had to be taken off as a sick day.

And 2018 wasn’t done. No sir.

In the final hours of New Year’s Eve, a fire broke out at a self-storage warehouse we use. We lost a lot of our possessions from furniture to clothing. Everyone who stored something there lost it… there was hardly anything left of the building.

We had been keeping quite a few sentimental things in there while we got our house in order… All of our son’s first year baby clothes and items (which we were hoping to re-use at some point in the future). Plus a throw that my wife had worked on for 22 months.

So that was my New Year’s Eve. No celebratory mood. No Champagne at midnight. Just lying in bed for the most of the day trying to shake an illness and then watching our things go up in flames.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately. I feel like my mind has been in a dark place due to stress. Personal circumstances keep conspiring to make things harder at work.

Usually the issue is that I’m bad at handling normal levels of stress. But now I can no longer tell if that’s the case or if I really am being inundated with too much to process.

Who knows? Only time will tell I guess. For now, I’ll happily settle for getting over this illness and maybe… just maybe… getting our house finished in the next few months.

I hope you all enjoyed your new year’s eve, whatever you did. Here’s hoping 2019 brings us all happier times šŸ™‚

Thanks for reading, folks!


11 thoughts on “Year Ending

  1. Geez, Iā€™m really sorry to hear that 2018 ended in pretty much the worst way possible. I myself caught a disease, but having an illness on top of having a warehouse with many of your belongings burn down is far worse. I hope that 2019 ends up being an improvement.

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  2. So sorry to hear about your illness and the fire. There no good time for these things to happen, but it can all seem worse over the Christmas holidays. I hope you can recover your health soon and start 2019 feeling physically better, which should help you feel psychologically better too. Sending you guys my very best wishes.

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