We are halfway through January, although it certainly doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

Usually London would be in the middle of a frigid winter at this point, perhaps even with some snowfall. But The Long March to Warm Weather (as I call it) hasn’t been nearly as unforgiving as it has in previous years.

I’ve been making the most of 2019 so far. Now that I’ve shaken my illness, I’ve had a couple of great workouts at the gym and I’m determined to stay active. I know it’s a cliche to find this resolve in January, but I don’t care 🙂

For the first time in what seems like months, my FitBit weekly report showed signs of improvement!

The biggest benefit of staying active is the mood factor. Emotionally and mentally speaking, I feel like I’m out of a quagmire. I can’t let this slip again – I want to keep active. I feel like the unseen benefits are greater than I can measure.

Thanks for reading, folks!

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