Wheels, Food and a Jar of Positivity

As January continues, I have had some lovely moments this year so far.

First… our positivity jar (which my wife and I actually opened on New Year’s Eve).

I started doing the positivity jar two years ago after I got the idea from a fellow blogger on WordPress. The idea is this… anytime you experience nice or positive, write it down on a card and place it in a jar. Then on New Year’s Eve, pop open a bottle of bubbly and read all the cards with someone you care about.

It’s a nice way to remember all the positive things that have happened over the year.

For our son’s second birthday, we took Zack to the London Transport Museum.

He loves cars and steering wheels so Elle thought this would be a perfect trip for him. She wasn’t wrong!

It was clearly designed with children in mind, featuring two soft play areas and lots of room for exploring.

We’ve indulged in some deliciously naughty treats. Firstly, our old favourite… Five Guys, which Zack enjoyed (as a rare treat only).

And Taco Bell, which just recently opened up in London!

To my knowledge, this is the first time it’s ever been available in London and Elle and I were thrilled to try it out. We haven’t had it since we took a trip to Florida in 2005.

And finally, work has been… not terrible. Not good by any means, but not as bad as recent months given my track record. At this point, I’ll take as many ‘not terrible’ days as I can get.

Although there was an unusual incident the other day where I had overdressed for cold weather, only to find the heating in the office cranked up to sub-tropical levels. After sweating for a while, I decided to remove my inner layers and just stick to a jumper. But with no toilets available, I settled for finding a small meeting room that was available (they show as green on the outside if they haven’t been reserved on our system).

Lo and behold, it was the moment I was topless that a colleague of mine opened the door and saw me. She was on her phone and was clearly looking for a private place to chat.

A similar thing happened later that day. I was working late so I video called home (as I would miss Zack’s bedtime). And of course… someone else opened the door just as I was wrapping up the call.

Note to self… BOOK the damn meeting room online.

Anyway, that’s what has been going on with me lately. Thanks for reading, folks! πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Wheels, Food and a Jar of Positivity

  1. I had no idea there was a Five Guys or Taco Bell in London. I assumed they were only in the United States (well, the former anyway; I figured Taco Bell had outlets abroad). Anyway, I’m glad you and your son had fun on this trip; he certainly seems like quite the curious fellow.

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