Life Boxed Up

Things have felt a little out of sorts lately. Our kitchen is being redone – something we’d been planning since we moved in almost a year ago.

While I’m happy we’re almost there, it’s hard to get past just how disruptive it is to our daily lives.

We’ve lost two of the rooms in our house (the kitchen and another room to store all the building materials). Have you ever tried just living for a week without using your kitchen? It’s not easy… even more so with a toddler to care for.

We’ve been mainly living out of cardboard boxes… eating microwavable ready meals and drinking mineral water. Our living room is occupied by all the items we emptied out of the kitchen before the work began… everything from foodstuff to appliances.

And of course… the real drawback… time off work. The time off and the time spent working at home has combined with a lack of concentration to land me firmly in ‘the doghouse’ at work. My job requires laser focus to do it well and it’s simply difficult to maintain. There are any number of things that require my attention during the day. Maybe there are calls or emails to send regarding work on the house. Maybe my son is sick. Maybe I’m sick. Maybe someone needs to go to hospital. Maybe the new roof has sprung a leak…

I could go on, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Over the last 12 months, personal circumstances have gotten in the way of me performing my job well. Every day I’m worried I’ll be called into a meeting where the consequences will finally be brought down on my head.

It’s strange. I feel like my personal life is a success. Family, home, love, parenting… Yet at work I’m a huge failure. I’ve gone from an MVP to one of the worst employees in the department (there are over 100 of us). My line manager is fortunately understanding of my situation, but I can tell that even he is getting annoyed at me.

But I won’t give into my negative thoughts. That won’t accomplish anything.

I’ll keep trying my best at work and look forward to the day this house is finally complete. I doubt that will make much of a difference with my employers, but that’s okay…

I’m a successful husband and father. That’s a greater achievement than anything my employers could bestow upon me 🙂

Thanks for reading, folks!

4 thoughts on “Life Boxed Up

  1. Yes! You’re definitely a successful husband and father. I believe that 100%. I hope things become better with work and it’s great that the kitchen is getting redone. All the hard work will be paid off, I’m sure of that. 🙂

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