Random Access Memory

I had a rather amusing incident at work recently.

My laptop had been giving me problems with speed and performance, so I took it down to the IT department so they could have a look. Apparently, I needed some new drivers installed.

While I was waiting I chatted to one of the senior guys, as I didn’t know the two newest employees they’d hired last year.

Or so I thought.

While we were talking about babies, one of the new team members asked me if I would ever consider calling my daughter Aerith.

I was a bit stunned. Aerith is the name of a character from Final Fantasy VII, one of my favourite video games of all time.

But surely he couldn’t have meant that Aerith, could he? But he did. I was so pleasantly surprised to meet someone in the office who was into FFVII that I exclaimed…

“I love Final Fantasy VII!”

“Yeah, it’s a popular game,” he replied.

“My name’s Fed, by the way.”

“I know. We met at the Christmas party.”

I froze. “We did?”

“Erm… yeah, we talked for ages.”

I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t recall this!

The head of the IT department laughed at me. “Well that must have been a good night!”

He wasn’t wrong. The drinks had indeed been flowing that night. Our work Christmas parties tend to be extravagant affairs. Private venues are hired with full catering and an open bar. One time they even hired Flawless to perform for us.

I did recall briefly chatting to someone about games and films on the night, but not to the extent that the IT guys revealed to me. One of them was even aware that my son Zack was named after an FFVII character, which isn’t something I tell a lot of people.

It seemed that I’d had a pretty good night with these guys with virtually no memory of it 😆 After having the whole IT team laugh at me, I gratefully received a temporary laptop and returned to work.

The whole thing was pretty hilarious to be honest. Luckily, they were super friendly and didn’t seem to be annoyed that I’d forgotten them. But I apologised anyway. A little courtesy doesn’t hurt! 🙂

Thanks for reading, folks! And drink responsibly 😅

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